our mission statement

We exist to raise the healthiest, most sustainable protein on earth, Bell Fish.

our vision

Everyone should have access to pure food, because what we eat matters – it impacts our individual and collective health.

Environmental realities require us to accelerate the use of more sustainable methods of farming our food, including protein.

Next generation fish farming is the lowest-environmental-impact method of raising protein and is immune to the resource trade-offs of other seafood, meats, oilseeds, and grains.

Fish is the healthiest, most responsible choice of protein.

cultivating the future

Headquartered in Albany, Indiana, Bell Fish Company raises and harvests fish in its self-contained, recirculating aquaculture facility.  Bell’s world-class facility features a groundbreaking water purification system that enables Bell to raise sustainably-grown fish with no antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides or insecticides.

 Bob Davis, CEO, contact info:

Office: 952-215-3111
Cell: 952-250-7771
Email: Bob@BellFarms.us